New Mexico Fire Chiefs Association

NameCompanyPaid ThroughType
Eddie Joe AbeytaTown of Taos6/30/2022ACTIVEABEYTA, EDDIE JOE
Richard AdlerCity of Alamogordo6/30/2022ACTIVEADLER, RICHARD
Robert AragonVillage of Mosquero6/30/2022ACTIVEARAGON, ROBERT
Jorge AuVillage of Hatch6/30/2022ACTIVEAU, JORGE
Richard BeaudoinSouthwest P.P.E Services6/30/2022BUSINESSBEAUDOIN, RICHARD
Toby BooneCity of Elephant Butte6/30/2022ACTIVEBOONE, TOBY
Craig BrashearVillage of San Jon6/30/2022ACTIVEBRASHEAR, CRAIG
Scott BryantProvident Agency, Inc.6/30/2022BUSINESSBRYANT, SCOTT
Anthony BurkCity of Raton Fire & Emergency Svcs6/30/2022ACTIVEBURK, ANTHONY
Nick J. CardenasColfax County6/30/2022ACTIVECARDENAS, NICK
Johnny CarrilloNMSU Fire Department6/30/2022ACTIVECARRILLO, JOHNNY
Michael J. Carroll, Jr.Town of Bernalillo6/30/2022ACTIVECARROLL, MICHAEL
Robert L. CasadosRosebud Fire & Rescue, Inc.6/30/2022ACTIVECASADOS, ROBERT
Timothy James Cathey, Fire/EMS ChiefCity of Portales6/30/2022ACTIVECATHEY, TIMOTHY
Loretta ChavezVillage of Encino6/30/2022ACTIVECHAVEZ, LORETTA
Mike CherryQuay County6/30/2022ACTIVECHERRY, MIKE
Eric Laun Crespin, Deputy ChiefDona Ana County & Emergency Services6/30/2022ACTIVECRESPIN, ERIC
John R. DearTown of Peralta6/30/2022ACTIVEDEAR, JOHN
Donald DirksTorrence County6/30/2022ACTIVEDIRKS, DONALD
Justin DrummTown of Clayton6/30/2022ACTIVEDRUMM, JUSTIN
Eddy FabelaCity of Eunice6/30/2022ACTIVEFABELA, EDDY
Jim FambroNMFCA Past President Town of Taos9/26/2080HONORFAMBRO, JIM
Jared D. FralieAnimas Vol. Fire & Rescue Dept.6/30/2022ACTIVEFRALIE, JARED
Craig FrancoisVillage of Jemez Springs6/30/2022ACTIVEFRANCOIS, CRAIG
JoeAdam GallegosVillage of Santa Clara6/30/2022ACTIVEGALLEGOS, JOEADAM
Scott GibsonVillage of Eagle Nest6/30/2022ACTIVEGIBSON, SCOTT
Joe GoberLa Madera VFD6/30/2022ACTIVEGOBER, JOE
Joe GonzalesCity of Socorro6/30/2022ACTIVEGONZALES, JOE
Navor GutierrezVillage of Roy6/30/2022ACTIVEGUTIERREZ, NAVOR
Anita A. HandDatil VFD6/30/2022ACTIVEHAND, ANITA
Todd HartCity of Moriarty6/30/2022ACTIVEHART, TODD
Robert HaysCity of Grants6/30/2022ACTIVEHAYS, ROBERT
Juan HernandezVillage of Tijeras6/30/2022ACTIVEHERNANDEZ, JUAN
Kevin HobanTown of Mesilla6/30/2022ACTIVEHOBAN, KEVIN
Kevin HopeCity of Artesia6/30/2022ACTIVEHOPE, KEVIN
Kenny JacobsVillage of Melrose FD6/30/2022ACTIVEJACOBS, KENNY
Shawn Jeffrey, MMCTown of Springer6/30/2022ACTIVEJEFFREY, SHAWN
Joe P. KenmoreLincoln County6/30/2022ACTIVEKENMORE, JOE
Kevin KennedyVillage of Capitan6/30/2022ACTIVEKENNEDY, KEVIN
Cody KerseyVillage of Magdalena6/30/2022ACTIVEKERSEY, CODY
Milo E. Lambert, Fire ChiefTown of Silver City6/30/2022ACTIVELAMBERT, MILO
Terrance LizardoCity of Lovington6/30/2022ACTIVELIZARDO, TERRANCE
Anthony MartinezVillage of Cimarron6/30/2022ACTIVEMARTINEZ, ANTHONY
Eric MastersonSandoval County6/30/2022ACTIVEMASTERSON, ERIC
Daniel A. MedranoCity of Sunland Park6/30/2022ACTIVEMEDRANO, DANIEL
Shawn MitchellVillage of Maxwell6/30/2022ACTIVEMITCHELL, SHAWN
John MontoyaVillage of Tularosa6/30/2022ACTIVEMONTOYA, JOHN
Pablo MontoyaLuna County Volunteer FD6/30/2022ACTIVEMONTOYA, PABLO
Jesus Morales, Jr.City of Gallup6/30/2022ACTIVEMORALES, JESUS
Phillip NelsonTown of Mountainair6/30/2022ACTIVENELSON, PHILLIP
Carl NixFirst-In Public Safety Solutions 6/30/2022BUSINESSNIX, CARL
Michael NolenCity of Clovis6/30/2022ACTIVENOLEN, MICHAEL
Charles PollinaApache Creek Fire & Rescue6/30/2022ACTIVEPOLLINA, CHARLES
Justin PowellTown of Dexter6/30/2022ACTIVEPOWELL, JUSTIN
Dale ProppsVillage of Fort Sumner6/30/2022ACTIVEPROPPS, DALE
Curry PruitTown of Tatum6/30/2022ACTIVEPRUIT, CURRY
Andres RamosVillage of Columbus6/30/2022ACTIVERAMOS, ANDRES
Dyron RayVillage of House6/30/2022ACTIVERAY, DYRON
Alfredo RomeroVillage of Questa6/30/2022ACTIVEROMERO, ALFREDO
Rick RomeroVillage of Cuba6/30/2022ACTIVEROMERO, RICK
Anthony SalasSanta Rosa Volunteer FD6/30/2022ACTIVESALAS, ANTHONY
Ysidro SalazarTown of Lake Arthur6/30/2022ACTIVESALAZAR, YSIDRO
Doug ScioliCity of Texico6/30/2022ACTIVESCIOLI, DOUG
Rex StallVillage of Logan6/30/2022ACTIVESTALL, REX
John StandeferNM State Firefighters Association6/30/2022ACTIVESTANDEFER, JOHN
Kevin TowndrowVillage of Folsom6/30/2022ACTIVETOWNDROW, KEVIN
Daniel UriosteVillage of Milan6/30/2022ACTIVEURIOSTE, DANIEL
Randy VillaGrant County Fire6/30/2022ACTIVEVILLA, RANDY
Patricia WalterCity of Jal6/30/2022ACTIVEWALTER, PATRICIA
Donal R. WeaverVillage of Reserve VFD6/30/2022ACTIVEWEAVER, DONAL
Robin WilliamsJoel VFD6/30/2022ACTIVEWILLIAMS, ROBIN
Spencer WoodVillage of Bosque Farms6/30/2022ACTIVEWOOD, SPENCER
Erich WuerschingVillage of Cloudcroft6/30/2022ACTIVEWUERSCHING, ERICH
Barry YoungCity of Hobbs6/30/2022ACTIVEYOUNG, BARRY